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Amlogic - Set-top box adventures
misc/reversing-gxbb-bl2.gitReverse-engineering notes of Amlogic BL2 on S905Ferass3 months
misc/trustedfirmware-a.gitWIP port of Arm Trusted Firmware-A BL2 to Amlogic SoCsFerass10 months
misc/u-boot-kii-pro.gitU-Boot for the Videostrong KII Pro ***OUTDATED. PLEASE USE UPSTREAM***Ferass6 months
utils/acsbaby.gitParse Amlogic acs.bin binariesFerass8 months
Archives - Not maintained
archive/amlogic-bl2.gitOld Amlogic BL2 sources, before commit 'BL2 Closed-Source'Ferass10 months
archive/dwmblocks.gitOld DWMBlocks buildFerass2 years
archive/opencl-experiment.gitNothing to see hereFerass2 years
archive/redmine-theme.gitOld redmine theme, from when was a thingFerass2 years
archive/sucklessdwm.gitOld DWM buildFerass15 months
archive/sucklessst.gitOld St buildFerass23 months
archive/sucklesstabbed.gitOld Tabbed buildFerass2 years
archive/website-template.gitThere's nothingFerass
Dotfiles - Various configuration files
dotfiles/bashrc.gitMirBSD KSH configuration filesFerass4 months
dotfiles/dwl.gitDWM for Wayland buildFerass12 months
dotfiles/popsome.gitOld AwesomeWM dotfiles, not migrated from GitLab yetFerass
dotfiles/vim.gitNeoVim dotfilesFerass8 months
dotfiles/waybar.gitWaybar dotfilesFerass12 months
Infra - Powers
misc/'s blogFerass3 months
misc/ patchFerass13 months
misc/ fases websiteFerass10 months
misc/ websiteFerass4 weeks
Other - Doesn't fit into any category
misc/asciiduckbot.gitHorrible IRC DuckBot written in bashFerass8 weeks
misc/coreboot.gitOld coreboot fork, please use upstreamFerass2 years
misc/lbmk.gitOld libreboot fork, please use upstreamFerass2 years
misc/relixbot.gitSimple Matrix-IRC relay botFerass16 months
misc/ proposed for use by the U-Boot projectFerass2 months
The fases suite - Simple coreutils for a fully functional UNIX-like system
misc/fases-linux.gitOutdatedFerass17 months
utils/fases.gitThe main repo, has POSIX utils and non-POSIX extrautilsFerass10 months
Web - WSGI apps and static generators
utils/bin.gitA simple pastebinFerass16 months
utils/laboratory.gitA GitLab frontendFerass8 months
utils/learn.gitA static documentation generatorFerass24 months
utils/minifiedwhoogle-search.gitNothing to see hereFerass
utils/seen.gitSimple blog generatorFerass24 months